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Beauty Tech Review: Laser Hair Removal - Synopsis


Permanent hair reduction options are better than ever and offer patients a great solution to their hair removal needs.

In recent years, laser hair removal devices have become faster and less painful - and in many cases, less costly than previous technologies. Women and men alike turn to permanent hair reduction to free up time and avoid the pitfalls of other traditional hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing. The possibility of never having to shave again is a huge temptation and is primarily responsible for the procedure's success. Many believe that the drawbacks to laser hair removal are the pain and the time required, but the latest innovations have focused on making the procedures more comfortable, and faster. Whether it's on your legs, chest, or back, laser hair removal can save you time and often money in the long run.

In this series, Dr. Eric Bernstein discusses the Elite MPX from Cynosure while Dr. Dore Gilbert shares his experience with the Lumenis LightSheer Duet, and Dr. Mark Taylor talks about the Eclipse Laser for hair removal.

Elite MPX

  • Dr. Eric Bernstein: ..."Imagine not having to shave your legs ever.... It's a huge time saver."
  • Dual wavelengths allow for greater range of patients.
  • Built in Zimmer cooler increases patient comfort.

Lumenis LightSheer Duet

  • Dr. Dore Gilbert: ..."In my opinion, what makes the Duet the gold standard for hair removal is the fact that it's fast, it's comfortable and it's reliable."
  • Uses double the spot size of older technologies for fast treatment
  • Vacuum hand piece eliminates the need for topical anesthetic
  • Can use on any skin type.

Eclipse IPL

  • Dr. Mark Taylor: ..."It's kind of an exciting device because it has a lot of power, a lot of versatility, so that it will cover a number of different applications"
  • Longer wavelength and variable pulses provide great versatility
  • Not appropriate for very dark skin