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Avoid Bikini Line Salt Burn With Laser Hair Removal


Don't let bikini salt burn keep you from the beach this summer - laser hair removal can permanently reduce your hair so daily unwanted hair maintenance can be a thing of the past.

We're in the dog days of summer: with temperatures hitting upwards of triple digits in some places in the country, the only reprieve is hitting the beach. And this has happened to all of us before: swimsuit on, sunscreen slathered and you're ready to go... when you realize your bikini line is out of control. So you do a quick shave of the rebelling hairs down there and when you get to the beach, it's salt burn city and your quick shave has become red and bumpy.

how to stop bikini rash
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As recently seen on The Doctors, bikini burn and bumps that come from shaving and waxing can be eradicated or greatly minimized with the help of laser hair removal. Dr. Ava Shamban visits the set to discuss the benefits of the new device, the Palomar Lux, a laser and light based hair removal procedure to permanently reduce hair.

There are several types of laser hair removal devices that may permanently reduce unwanted hair. The science behind the technology is the laser emits a light that targets chromophore, that which is responsible for color, in the hair shaft follicle. The hair is disintegrated and destroyed. While several treatments may be necessary, over time, the everyday nuisances of shaving, waxing and plucking may be over.

Denver laser hair removal provider Dr. Tahl Humes says, "Studies have shown that after 5-10 treatments, laser hair removal yields up to 90% hair reduction. Patients with fairer skin and darker hair will often times see results closer to 5 treatments, whereas darker skinned/darker hair patients may need a few more."

One of the many concerns that patients have regarding laser hair removal is pain. While treatment with older technology was painful, new devices have cooling agents built into the device with wider patterns on the hand piece to cut down on procedural time.

Another development with new technology is the capability to treat darker skin. "The Cutera Cool Glide is a long pulse YAG laser combined with contact cooling so we can treat patients who have up to Fitzpatrick 6 skin color," says Dr. Humes. Earlier laser hair removal technology was only successful with patients who had up to Fitzpatrick 2 or 3 skin color.

Dr. Shamban does recommend seeking treatment an experienced provider who can choose the right device for skin type and color. After a laser hair removal treatment, it is best to stay out of the sun for a while due to pigmentation risk and out of the salt water for at least a few days.