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Brazillian Laser Hair Removal: No More Razor Burns


Bikini season is here - what's your plan to manage your bikini line?

The time has come to get that bikini line ready for the beach - but how are you going to do it, and avoid razor burn? The latest teeny tiny bikini styles don't leave much to the imagination, so get a smooth bikini area with laser hair removal, and avoid the bumps and inflammation of razors and the pain of waxing.

avoid razor rash
Don't let this happen to you.

New options in laser hair removal have made it nearly pain free and require much less time than when the lasers first became available. The Soprano XL and the LightSheer Duet are two of the newest lasers available and have received rave reviews from physicians and patients. By using cooling methods and larger treatment heads, as well as suction and deeper penetration - these lasers are treating you faster, with less pain and better results.

There are still several treatments needed to get the final result. Hair grows in cycles and the lasers only treat what's on top of the skin, so it will take a few visits to get it all. Once the hair follicle is dead though, it is dead and will not grow more hair, and the lasers can't treat white hair - so there may be some fuzz to shave off. While it is the most expensive hair removal option, if you're paying to wax every few weeks, laser hair removal isn't going to cost you anymore in the long run.

Don't wait any longer to start your laser hair removal regimen or it might be too late to enjoy it this summer. Patients do need to stay out of the sun for some time following treatment as the skin is very sensitive.