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Look Hot this Summer While Cooling Off Poolside with Super SmartLipo and Tickle Lipo


Advances in body contouring can help you look your hottest this summer.

As the temperature rises, the bikinis come out, and if you're like a lot of women, the thought of shedding your sweaters and jeans and donning a two-piece is daunting to say the least. Now is the time to visit your aesthetic physician to get a bikini body you'll be proud to show off. Dr. Thomas Barnes, an Orange County cosmetic surgeon specializing in body contouring, offers two quick and effective solutions to your summer body crisis. Featured on Good Day LA, Dr. Barnes discusses Super SmartLipo and Tickle Lipo - two of the most advanced body sculpting procedures available.

  • Super SmartLipo - Using Cynosure's SmartLipo MPX technology, Dr. Barnes first melts the fat using a small laser fiber, and then applies suction to remove the affected adipose tissue. The laser's heat brings about some skin tightening by stimulating the growth of collagen, but to provide even more skin contraction, Dr. Barnes uses the Refirme device from Syneron. This unit applies radio frequency (RF) energy to the tissues to further stimulate the collagen, bringing about greater skin contracture, so that patients who may have needed a tummy tuck in the past can now avoid that procedure.

    "My new 'Super SmartLipo' is a gargantuan jump from any previous version of lipo contouring," says Dr. Barnes. "It's much faster than any of its predecessors, allowing me to do face or body fat contouring in about 30 minutes and adding Refirme skin tightening causes additional skin firming beyond the tightening due to SmartLipo. Together they are less invasive, result in minimal downtime, and result in immediate contouring and skin tightening."
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    Actual Before and After Results of Super SmartLipo
  • Tickle Lipo - One of the newest devices for body contouring doesn't even use a laser or other thermal device, rather, it relies on the motion of the cannula itself. Custom Acoustic Liposuction, or Tickle Lipo, utilizes 3-D movement (vibration, rotation and reciprocation) to break fat away from surrounding tissues and suctions it out at the same time, combining two of the steps of laser lipo into one. Many physicians report that this is a faster procedure than some of the newer laser and ultrasound technologies because of this combination.

    This device makes the patient so comfortable that typically, no general anesthesia is required and the physician can instead perform the procedure while the patient is awake. Many patients report that the vibration of the cannula actually tickles as it removes the fat.
If you want this summer to be your personal hottest, call your aesthetic physician and discuss with your doctor what body contouring option is best for your goals.