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New Book Focuses on Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery


Get the results and drop the risk with new surgical procedures that need no general anesthesia.

general anesthesia
One of the most significant risks associated with all surgical procedures is going under general anesthesia. Board certified cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist Dr. David Rahimi is the author of Please Don't Die Trying To Be Beautiful: A Surgeon's Plea which seeks to revolutionize cosmetic surgery by initiating a move from general anesthesia to local anesthesia.

Recent trends have been towards less invasive procedures like non-surgical rhinoplasty and fractional resurfacing, which don't require general anesthetic. Other cosmetic procedures are still surgical, but new techniques, methodologies, and devices have made it possible to perform these surgeries without general anesthesia.

Many physicians perform SmartLipo and other laser lipo procedures with only local anesthetic so that patients are awake during the procedure. Physicians have developed what they call "awake" procedures like awake breast augmentation and the awake facelift.

Dr. Rahimi's book is available on amazon.com and readers have reacted positively, with all 5-star ratings.