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Why You Want Awake Breast Augmentation Surgery


Conscious breast augmentation, also known as awake breast augmentation, is a breast procedure during which the patient is awake and responsive, thanks to a different method of administering local anesthetic.

Before and After Photos of Awake Breast Augmentation

Breast enhancement is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure for women today. Yet many women are reluctant to consider breast augmentation because of potential general anesthesia risks.

woman with black bra on Just as liposuction is changing and moving towards procedures that can be performed under a local anesthetic, breast augmentation can now be done under local anesthesia, avoiding the associated risks. Dr. Walter Tom of the Aesthetic Laser and Vein Centers of Santa Rosa, CA researches innovative minimally invasive surgical technologies that help patients achieve their desired cosmetic goals. He believes that many cosmetic procedures can be performed under local anesthesia and uses this technique exclusively.

Dr. Tom offers Breast Augmentation performed completely under local anesthesia which avoids the risks of traditional general anesthesia. Patients are awake and comfortably interact with the doctor and his breast surgical staff throughout their procedure. Patients can sit up during their procedure and help the surgical team to determine the desired fill size of the implant with the aid of a large mirror held by the staff.

Dr. Tom specifically uses a "tumescent local anesthesia" technique in which a thin blunt cannula is used to infuse large quantities of local anesthesia through small needle punctures to achieve a comfortable operative experience. This technique can be used for implant placement under the pectoralis muscle, over the muscle as well as the combination dual plane placement.

General anesthesia adds a significant level of risk and cost to any surgical procedure whereas using local anesthetic is much easier on the patient's body and pocketbook.