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Rise In Breast Augmentation For Baby Boomers


As the Baby Boomer segment of the US population begins to age, more are seeking cosmetic enhancement with procedure such as the breast augmentation.

The US Census Bureau defines a Baby Boomer is anyone who was born after World War II, between 1946 and 1964. As one of the largest age segments of the population, Baby Boomers are finding themselves with grown children out of the house and discretionary funds. According to Denver breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Gregory Buford, this means older patients are moving past the age taboo and requesting cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation for women or liposuction for men.

baby boomer breast augmentation trend
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"It's a growing trend in my practice," says Dr. Buford, "Baby boomers, both men and women who are obviously seeking different types of procedures, are no longer being defined by their age and they're not afraid to look to cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance."

The changing attitude of plastic surgery has opened the mindset of many people. As society norms and stereotypes begin to relax and as the largest segment of the US population ages, the paradigm has shifted from a patient that is 25-45 who is seeking breast augmentation to anyone of any age who is seeking cosmetic enhancement and have the financial means to pay for it.

"People are not letting age define themselves anymore, which I think is a very powerful, proactive and positive way to look at life. It's definitely a trend that I see continuing to grow and a lot of the beliefs of plastic surgery and why people get plastic surgery are dramatically changing. It's no longer and issue of vanity and so forth - it's an issue of wanting to look your best."

Many of the older subset of Dr. Buford's patients have come to his practice and have previously considered getting a cosmetic procedure performed but due to where they were in their lives, it was just not feasible. "These patients may have wanted to do a procedure 10-15 years ago but they had growing children, they didn't have the financial resources or time," describes Dr. Buford, "But looking good is still important to them and now, they can afford it and they're coming in to see us."

Dr. Buford believes that this trend of older patient seeking cosmetic enhancement transcends income and social taboos. Plastic surgery is no longer just something the very wealthy get done; it's a matter of feeling and looking good. "In my practice, I have my share of Fortune 500-type clients, my country club patients but I also have many patients that are everyday people who happen to be at a point in their life where they can afford getting a procedure done."

The best part, Denver breast augmentation provider Dr. Buford believes, is these patients aren't getting cosmetic surgery to impress anyone, it's just a matter of timing and being able to get it done. "I have patients that are going on cruises and traveling with their significant others, and they just want to look good in that cocktail dress and their mentality is just because I'm 55-60 years old, does not mean I'm too old to want to look my best."