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How Does SmartLipo Work?


Episode 2 of American Health and Beauty TV... Cosmetic Surgeon demonstrates on an awake patient how SmartLipo works.

Thanks to modern media and television, we are introduced to exciting new technologies in aesthetic medicine. One of those breakthroughs is laser lipolysis which is most widely known as SmartLipo. The SmartLipo has been shown on TV for armpit fat, neck lifts, as a tummy tuck alternative and today, Dr. Nicholas Nikolov, a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills showcased how he treats fatty knees with it on The Doctors TV with Dr. Drew Ordon.

But how does SmartLipo Work?

Dr. Thomas Barnes, a cosmetic surgeon who preforms SmartLipo in Orange County, CA demonstrates in this video how laser liposuction works.

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During the procedure, the patient can remain awake, as only local anesthesia is needed for numbing. "Using SmartLipo laser liposuction, I can remove a little fat and actually help heat the tissue so it shrinks down," says Dr. Barnes. He says that patients heal fast, and most are able to return to work the next day. "In just a few days, patients can be back on the beach or skiing or doing whatever looking 10 years younger."

neck lift before and after
Actual Results of Neck Lift by Dr. Thomas Barnes