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Non-Surgical Options To Treat And Prevent Turkey Necks


From Tickle Lipo and Smartlipo to minimally invasive treat existing Turkey Necks to the Reaction by Viora to prevent the formation of future waddles, there are options for you to not be mistaken for the famous Thanksgiving bird.

Whether through genetics or simply due to aging, the area between the face and neck is often susceptible to collection of loose skin and extra fat - resulting in the dreaded Turkey Neck. For some, no amount of exercise or diet would address the extraneous fat and skin at the neckline and previously, the only option was the surgical procedure Neck Lift.

However, new technology and techniques have made treating existing Turkey Necks a minimally invasive procedure, meaning no general anesthesia, shorter procedure length, and less downtime. And if you are genetically predisposed to fullness in the neckline, there are completely non-invasive options to help prevent the appearance of the turkey waddle.

Treatment: Tickle Lipo
tickle lipo turkey neck treatment
Actual Before and After Photos Of Tickle Lipo (Neck) by Dr. Sandra Lee
Image Courtesy of www.thedoctorstv.com

As seen on The Doctors, the Tickle Lipo may be used to effectively treat Turkey Neck. A liposuction alternative, Tickle Lipo differs in that the cannula does not remove unwanted fat in a linear fashion, rather it moves in a three dimensional motion. Tickle Lipo is powered with low-frequency acoustic infrasonic vibration to gently disrupt the fat, which is very important in delicate areas such as the neck due to important surrounding tissues.

The procedure may be performed under local anesthesia, meaning patients are awake and per it's namesake, it can actually tickle due to the vibration from the cannula. According to Dr. Sandra Lee, the Tickle Lipo uses a very small cannula that allows physicians to be precise and safe, while removing fatty deposits and contouring the neckline.

Treatment: Smartlipo
smartlipo turkey neck treatment
Actual Before and After Lunchtime Necklift Photos by Dr. Thomas Barnes
Smartlipo, 30 Minute Necklift Alternative

Another non-surgical option to treat the delicate neck area is with the Smartlipo device. "Going under the knife is not the first choice anymore," states Newport Beach Smartlipo provider Dr. Thomas Barnes, "Due to technological breakthroughs, there are so many options to help people take years off their appearance without undergoing large surgeries. And the best part is we can perform these procedures that yield dramatic results without the risks of anesthesia."

Dr. Barnes, a pioneer of the Lunchtime Necklift, uses the Smartlipo, which is a type of laser lipolysis device to liquify fat beneath the skin and provide a degree of skin tightening. According to Dr. Barnes, "Using SmartLipo, I can remove a little fat and actually help heat the tissue so it shrinks down." His Smartlipo patients heal quickly and are often able to return to work the next day.

Prevention: Reaction by Viora
turkey neck prevention reaction viora
Actual Before and After Reaction by Viora Photos (Neck)
Skin Tightening, 3 Treatments

For those who are genetically predisposed to a Turkey Neck, there are completely non-surgical options that may offer preventative measures to postpone the Turkey Neck's inevitable appearance. One such procedure, also seen on The Doctors, Reaction by Viora combines radio frequency energy with vacuum suction to offer skin tightening results. Featuring CORE technology, the Reaction may be adjusted to reach the different layers of skin to treat a myriad of skin conditions.

As a preventative measure against the formation of Turkey Necks, multiple sessions are first required with 1-2 follow-up treatments each subsequent year.

Tickle Lipo on The Doctors