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Rapid Recovery Neck Lift For Men


Not just for women anymore, cosmetic surgery for males has risen in the past few years, with big gains in facelifts and liposuction. New procedures, such as the Rapid Recovery Neck Lift, are being customized to draw in new male patients.

Earlier this year, the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) released their latest statistics and an exciting trend was spotted: the rise in male cosmetic surgery. Gone are the days of only women having "work" done, it appears that men have also decided they want to look as good as they feel as well. ASPS reports a a 14% raise in facelifts and 7% raise in liposuction in 2010 alone.

rapid recover neck lift
Actual Before and After Photos of Rapid Recovery Neck Lift by Dr. Sam Rizk

With an increased demand for cosmetic procedures for males, it isn't surprising that many physicians are now customizing procedures to specifically target male problem areas. Unlike women, most of which are more concerned with wrinkles and lines, men are more concerned about areas such as the jawline and midsection. Among the many reasons that males site as why they are getting cosmetic procedures are job place competition, delayed retirement and a general desire to be the best they can be.

"Male plastic surgery patients tend to say they want to look as good as they feel," states Dr. Sam Rizk, "My patients are fit, avoid smoking and just want to feel rejuvenated."

One such procedure, the Rapid Recovery Neck Lift, created by New York board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk, was created for male clients who need to return to work quickly with little downtime. The Rapid Recover Neck Lift is a modified mini facelift that is performed through small incisions behind the ear and under the chin. According to Dr. Rizk, these incisions are small and easily hidden, allowing a high definition telescope to accomplish the work in a nearly bloodless operation.

male rhinoplasty
Actual Rhinoplasty Results by Dr. Sam Rizk

It isn't just the older segment of males that are seeking cosmetic surgery. "Younger patients who have hereditary fat deposits under the chin or a small chin will seek correction of this condition via a chin implant combined with neck liposuction," states Dr. Rizk.

The top 3 requested procedures by men at Dr. Rizk's practice are neck lifts, nose jobs, and removal of bags below the eyes.