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Influence Of Steve Jobs is Everywhere Even Plastic Surgery


In the wake of Steve Jobs' death, the aesthetic industry can reflect back and appreciate Steve's many inspirations: from the sleek design and functionality of medical spa equipment to plastic surgery iPhone Apps that educate patients... we say thank you Steve, you are appreciated.

Steve Jobs' influence was expansive, his vast and far reaching innovations in technology whose ramifications were and are still being felt across all industries - including plastic and cosmetic surgery. Known for his externally streamlined design paired with avaunt-garde technology that was meant to be intuitive for all, his death marked the end of a technological era in which this generation will not soon forget.

how steve jobs influenced the aesthetics industry
eMatrix Device by Syneron,
Intentionally designed to model an Apple Mac
Emulated by many, starting with the Mac, his pairing of high design and function inspired industries across the board, including the aesthetic industry, to create technology with the same traits. When Syneron developed their eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation device, it was modeled in form and function after the Mac. "In developing this product, we looked to modern innovations in consumer technology as our inspiration and created what we believe would be the next leap forward towards the future of medical aesthetic devices," said Syneron's VP of Global Product Development, James Bartholomeusz. "As our customers quickly move towards cutting edge facilities it only makes sense that we support them with equally if not better cutting edge technologies, such as the eMatrix, both inside and out."

Needless to say, his work has left an indelible mark in a world in which his technology has become a keystone in everyday life. The iPhone makes common everyday tasks a breeze while aiding people in complicated situations, by offering application software that can be downloaded to i Phones or iPods, known as Apps.

In the aesthetic industry alone, there are Apps for just about anything plastic surgery related, below are but a few examples:

Plastic Surgery iPhone Apps

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery offers comprehensive information on liposuction and plastic surgery information backed by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.
(Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Cost: Free)
An example of an individual plastic surgery practice providing patients with an App, Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens offers patient friendly services such as requesting appointments, seeing before/afters and see special offers.
(Marina Plastic Surgery, Cost: Free)
Mod Your Bod shows results after one or a combination of cosmetic procedures. Patients can experiment by uploading their photos and virtually undergoing cosmetic procedures.
(ModYourBod, Cost: Free for Lite or $0.99 for Full Version)

Even more compelling is the use of Apps by individual cosmetic plastic surgery practices and what the use of this technology has brought to them. Apps such as the one from Marina Plastic Surgery offers information about the plastic surgeon and practice right at the patient's fingertips, to be accessed at any given time. Or for existing patients, this App increases the ease in which patients can contact the office to book appointments, find specials offered by the practice and learn more about the staff.

According to Charlie Sheridan, director of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, along with founder Los Angeles board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens, "With our Marina Plastic Surgery App, many patients have successfully made appointments to see us, downloaded information about our practice and researched their cosmetic procedures - all on their mobile devices," Dr. Stevens and Charlie say, "This technology has made contact with us more convenient for our patients and that's invaluable to them, considering today's busy schedules."

Regardless of the time that passes, what is clear is Steve Jobs' influence will continue to resonate on an everyday basis as we use our Apps to make our lives easier, our Macs to work and our iPhones to stay connected. His work will continue to reverberate within the aesthetic medicine community whether we continue to emulate the design/function formula he was so well known for or for something as simple as creating an App to simplify and mobilize information.

Steve Jobs was an inspiration to us all and to his memory, the aesthetic medicine community will be perpetually grateful.