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Mod Your Bod iPhone Application Lets You Preview Surgery Results


A new free app lets you try out different procedures to see what you might be able to expect after surgery.

iphone app on the doctors

There is a new application available for the iPhone that lets you take a sneak peak at what your results might be following cosmetic surgery. Called, ModYourBod, it was developed by Washington DC plastic surgeon Dr. Naveen Singh and was featured today on The Doctors. With this free downloadable application you can experiment with different procedures and see what you would look like after different procedures, or even combinations of procedures.

Also available is an application filled with information on different procedures. Dr. David Shafer has developed an iPhone app called "The Shafer Plastic Surgery App" to provide answers for all your questions about plastic surgery. The application grants the user access to the doctor's database of information about plastic surgery.

The full version is $0.99 and allows for full database access, and the ability to pose questions directly to the doctor. There is also a free "lite" service which provides access to a sampling of existing questions and answers. If you want to know whether liposuction or tummy tuck is the best for your needs, check the app for the info. The application is updated continuously so up-to-date answers are available.