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Buttock Augmentation: Your Way To A Better Behind


A Natural Butt Lift, also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, may offer volume and contouring without scarring.

While breast augmentation still reigns supreme as one of the most popular surgical procedures, interest in another volumizing procedure has skyrocketed in recent years: buttock augmentation. Curves are making a big comeback and it's not all about cleavage but about sculpting and contouring the derriere as well.

natural brazilian butt lift
Actual Before and After Results of The Natural Butt Lift by Dr. Robert Burke

As seen recently on The Doctors, a traditional buttock augmentation is very similar to a breast augmentation in which an implant is used to add volume to the desired area. Just as in breast augmentation, after a small incision is made, a pocket is created in each buttock to house the implant. Unlike a breast implant however, which may be saline or silicone gel and has potential to rupture, the buttock implant is a semi-solid silicone rubber and according to Dr. Ryan Stanton, may offer a more permanent option, barring any complications.

Buttock implants are but one way to fill out the behind. A Brazilian Butt Lift uses fat from the patient's own body as a filler and does not require incisions. One version of the Brazilian Butt Lift is the Natural Butt Lift, offered by Ann Arbor cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Burke. Using fat from liposuction, the Natural Butt Lift is essentially a fat transfer to the buttock region.

According to Dr. Burke, an ideal candidate for the Natural Butt Lift is a patient that has extra fat to remove for re-injection into the buttock area. "An ideal candidate for the Natural Butt Lift is a woman who's between the age of 35 and 45 and has reasonable body tone," describes Dr. Burke. The patient should also be in relatively good shape with a desire for a lifted, more sculpted, fuller butt.

The Natural Butt Lift offers a two-fold benefit to the patient: removal of unwanted fat through liposuction and volumizing the buttocks in the same procedure. "The Natural Butt Lift accomplishes two things," states Dr. Burke, "One, the patient gets liposuction in one area and two, they get an augmentation in another. The critical thing is to have that good donor site. One of the problems I encounter is many people that come in for the Natural Butt Lift simply don't have enough fat from a donor site for great results."

While the name of the procedure, Brazilian Butt Lift or Natural Butt Lift may suggest a lifting action, Dr. Burke stresses that the procedure is more about placing fat or volume in strategic locations in the buttock region so the patients' behind appears lifted, more sculpted and fuller.