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Secrets To Anti-Aging: From Beauty Products To Cosmetic Procedures


The fight against aging may be continual but it seems that our arsenal is also growing - from products to procedures, there are a myriad of options to reverse or slow the signs of aging before considering surgery.

We're a culture obsessed with age so it should come as no surprise that we're also obsessed with fighting the signs of age. Anti-aging products comprise of a $200 billion industry - growing with promises of less wrinkles, lines and more youthful skin. From products found at the drugstore to high-priced creams and serums at department stores, it seems women are willing to pay big bucks for the promise of younger looking skin.

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Recently seen on The Doctors, with so many options available that claim anti-aging properties, it is important to really know what you're putting on your skin, if you want to see results. Also equally important is taking your age and skin condition into consideration when purchasing product. As we age, the multiple layers of skin actually begin to thin and the tightly bundled collagen and elastin in between loosens and over time, disappears. This causes wrinkles, dryness and the loss of volume causes skin to sag and become lax.

It is therefore important to treat your skin according to age and pick the right products so you're not overspending and still getting poor results. According to Dr. Ordon, women in their 20s should use products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids to even out skin tone since wrinkles and lines aren't that much of an issue at this stage. Women in their 30s should add vitamin C and products that contain peptides to reduce fine lines that are beginning to appear. Women in their 40s should look for moisturizers that contain antioxidants and resveratrol and prescription-strength retinoid cream nightly.

Following anti-aging products, the next line of defense in the fight against aging are nonsurgical procedures such as facial fillers. Women 40s and above may find anti-aging procedures such as chemical peels and facial fillers helpful in treating fine lines and wrinkles. However, to treat the loss of volume, which is essentially collagen and elastin loss, there are new treatments, such as Sculptra, that have been successful with promoting collagen regrowth and helping skin look more supple and youthful.

"I use Sculptra to restore lost volume because one of the things that happens as people age is they lose fat and volume in their face," says Ann Arbor cometic surgeon Dr. Robert Burke, "The second thing that happens is skin doesn't tighten quite as much, it's almost like a loose rubber band." Scupltra addresses both signs of aging by promoting collagen regrowth.

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Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Results by Dr. Robert Burke
Sculptra & Pelleve

As Dr. Burke points out, in some cases, Sculptra can help postpone more serious surgeries such as a facelift and benefits the patient by adding more volume. "Traditionally, we cut away excess skin to tighten skin overall but the problem is we're just tightening skin over an inadequate skeleton," describes Dr. Burke, "Since you're not filled out, you run the risk of looking even older after such a procedure. So in order to look younger, one of the key things is we must restore volume."

Completely non-surgical, Sculptra offers patients the next level of defense against aging before seeking surgery. Sculptra works by encouraging the body to create collagen so it may take a little more time than other dermal fillers to see results. The collagen regrowth appears over time and results are subtle and some would say, more natural-looking.

The manufacturer reports that Sculptra results may last from 18 - 24 months - however, Dr. Burke has seen longer lasting results in some patients. "I've seen reported Sculptra cases presented at meetings that have lasted up to 8 years. The important thing is to know exactly where you're putting it and it also depends on the patient's metabolism."

From anti-aging products to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, the battle against aging has never looked better for us.