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Non-Surgical Brow Lift Results


Scultpra takes center stage providing dramatic results without surgery.

With age, the skin under and around your eyes can often begin to sag and make you look tired and older. Many opt for an eyebrow lift surgery to reduce the appearance of droopiness, but some prefer to have a non-surgical solution. Dr. Drew Ordon of The Doctors has developed a surgery free injectable solution which uses the filler Sculptra.

Dr. Ordon says that it is a deep injection into the outer eyebrow area, close to the bone. The injection will lift the eyebrow up by adding volume to the upper brow. Sculptra is a facial filler often used for "liquid facelift" procedures because it's long lasting. Patients can expect to see their results last for about a year, or even more in some cases.

Side effects typically include redness and swelling at the injection site, which generally disappear within a few days. Patients can go back to work immediately and avoid the downtime associated with a traditional browlift.

non-surgical brow lift
Actual Non-Surgical Brow Lift Results Courtesy of www.TheDoctorsTV.com