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Remove Buttock Fat With The Muffin Bottom Procedure


The opposite of Muffin Top, the Muffin Bottom is a procedure that sculpts the buttock region by removing fat in 3 key zones.

If you have fat beneath your buttocks, you may have "Muffin Bottom." As recently seen on The Doctors, Muffin Bottom is fatty tissue that is found in three key zones around the buttocks - under the buttock crease, the inner thigh area and outer thigh area, also called "saddlebags."

Muffin Bottom Linder The Doctors
Actual Muffin Bottom Results of Dr. Stuart Linder, Post Treatment: 6 Days
Photo Courtesy of www.thedoctorstv.com

The fat pads underneath the buttocks and to the sides of the thighs can give an appearance of bulk and is easily addressed through liposuction. Dr. Stuart Linder, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, performs the Muffin Bottom procedure to remove the fat around the buttocks and thighs for a more sculpted derriere.

The Muffin Bottom procedure consists of concise and conservative liposuction, removing the exact amount of fat and not over-suctioning. Dr. Linder says in some cases, fat may be transferred from another area to enhance the buttock area. Dr. Linder uses the 3 mm cannula to sculpt the buttock region - different lengths to address the different zones - the shorter cannula to reach the inner and outer thighs and the longer for underneath the buttock crease.

Post operation, patients must wear compression garments for 6-8 weeks to help the skin shrink and heal.

According to Dr. Linder, ideal patients must have very good skin tone and localized fat deposits that are amenable to liposculpture. The patients should be healthy, have a good diet and exercise routine and at their ideal body weight.