Top 5 Body Contouring Devices of 2010


As determined by the 2010 Readers' Choice Awards, the following 5 body contouring devices were the most popular in 2010.

As consumer demand continues to push for less invasive procedures, the Body Contouring Section comprises of Laser Lipolysis procedures and Minimally Invasive Body Contouring procedures. Previously, the only type of body contouring procedure available, traditional liposuction used tumescent and physical energy to break up fat. Newer technology uses lasers and different types of energy to break up fat in a less invasive fashion to allow for less downtime for the patient.

Top 5 Body Contouring Devices 2010
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1. Smartlipo

Still considered the gold standard in laser lipolysis by many in the aesthetic industry, the newest model of Smartlipo, Smartlipo Triplex uses three separate wavelengths to disrupt fatty tissue while simultaneously providing skin tightening.

2. Fat Transfer

While the traditional fat transfer procedure has been around for several decades, technology has recently improved the survival rate of the fat cells transferred. After the unwanted fat is removed from the donor site, the fat may be purified to extract stem cells to increase the survival rate of the transferred fat.

3. Lipodissolve

Despite FDA warning regarding un-checked Lipodissolve injections, it injection lipolysis continues to gather attention. A new lipodissolve option, KYTHERA, is in its last phases of European testing for reducing double chins may be available in the US in the future.

4. VASER Liposelection

Using ultrasound technology, VASER created by Sound Surgical, emulsifies fat and does not disturb surrounding tissues, nerves and blood vessels - leading to faster recovery time for patients.

5. SlimLipo

Palomar's body contouring device SlimLipo utilizes a laser to melt fat while encouraging skin tightening and smoothing. Minimally invasive, the procedure uses smaller incisions than traditional liposuction thus leaving smaller scars.

2010 Readers' Awards

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