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How Much Does Buttock Augmentation Cost?


Many people are looking for added volume in their behind and a buttock augmentation offers a solution to a flat rear end.

A shapely rear end is in style these days, such as those sported by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Scarlett Johanssen. Women everywhere want a rounder backside and some are willing to pay their cosmetic surgeon for it. Buttock augmentation procedures are on the rise, and physicians have a couple of methods they can use to give patients a better booty.

cost of buttock augmentation
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Fat transfer procedures are one way a doctor and patient may choose to add volume to the derriere. The idea is simple, fat is removed with liposuction and placed in the buttocks. This technique is also used for breast augmentations and hand rejuvenation as well as injection of facial wrinkles where the fat acts as a facial filler. Many doctors prefer this method for buttock augmentation over the use of implants because there are generally less complications, less scarring, and the result is often more natural looking.

A patient must have enough fat elsewhere for fat transfer and those who are thin may not have adequate fat reserves for buttock augmentation. For these patients, an implant may be the better solution.

When using implants, an incision is usually made in the buttock crease, where scars are not noticeable. The doctor then creates a pocket large enough to insert the implant. The implants can be placed either under the gluteus maximus muscle, or on top of the muscle. Sometimes liposuction is needed in the area to properly shape the buttocks.

Generally healing is quicker with fat transfer than with implants. However, with the transfer procedure, there is also a healing period associated with the liposuction in addition to the actual buttocks.

The price of buttock augmentation will vary with each method. Also, if you live in larger metropolitan areas, the price tends to be higher than in smaller cities. There are some alternatives and areas where you may expect to pay as low as $2000, but a price range of anywhere from $6000-$13000 is a more reasonable expectation.