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Longer And Thicker Eyelashes With 5 New Products


As seen on The Today Show, these new eyelash enhancement products promise longer, fuller lashes for up to 6 weeks without the aid of mascaras.

Each year, it seems a new beauty fad sweeps the nation and this year is no different: 2011 is the year of the eyelash. Such a small part of the human body, eyelashes have long been enhanced by mascaras. The market has been inundated with mascaras that curl, lengthen, volumize and darken but at the end of the day, mascara washes off and you're left with the same eyelashes you woke up with. This may not be the case anymore - with new eyelash enhancing products as seen on The Today Show, there are more options to better fringe those peepers. Move over mascara, there are new products in town!

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  • LashDip

    For a natural look, the LashDip is a semi-permanent option to mascara. Similar to mascara, existing eyelashes are coated with LashDip in a "dipping" process where lashes become sculpted, longer and darker. No makeup remover is necessary as LashDip is semi-permanent and is waterproof. Results can last from 2-6 weeks and costs $200-$300, depending on where you have it done.

  • Latisse

    Available only by prescription, Latisse may be used daily for 12 weeks to grow thicker, longer and darker eyelashes. Applicators can only be used once and possible side effects are people with light eyes may experience iris discoloration. After 12 weeks, most patients taper off daily usage and use 2-3 times a week to maintain their eyelashes. Cost is approximately $120.

  • Eyelash Extensions

    Professional eyelash extensions are added to existing eyelashes individually. The extension itself is made from mink or spun silk and is delicately added to each eyelash individually. The entire process takes approximately 1-2 hours and the results last 2-3 weeks. Cost is approximately $300-$400.

  • Fake Eyelashes

    A tried and true option to getting longer, fuller lashes are the traditional false eyelashes that are glued onto the lashline. Fake eyelashes are available in one whole piece, clusters of lashes (to enhance outer corners of eyes) or even individual eyelashes. The false lashes last until you decide to remove them and are not a permanent option. Cost is approximately $10.

  • ELASTILash By Obagi

    Although not featured on The Today Show, Latisse alternative, ELASTILash by Obagi promises longer and fuller lashes without the side effects that have been known to happen with Latisse. Another benefit is ELASTILash is available without prescription. The solution is applied daily before bed and thicker lashes may be achieved in 4-6 weeks. Cost is approximately $50-$60.

Now is the time to fatten up those eyelashes and these 5 products promise to deliver thicker, fuller and longer lashes. Batter up - and we don't mean as in softball!

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