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Turning Back the Hands of Time without Surgery


In April of this year Dr. Nadia Chaudhry of Hope Integrated Health in Marlton New Jersey discussed a new science process she's been creating for the last 14 years that involves laser regenerative medicine, eating properly and meditation on CBSPhilly.

While most focus on wrinkles, Dr. Nadia Chaudhry, MD who practices at Hope Medical Spa in Marlton, believes in creating a new fabric of skin by taking your skin and your body from a state of inflammation and degeneration to regeneration, vibrancy and health. Turning back the clock but in a healthy and beautiful way without surgery.

Yoga on the Beach
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She has 9 different lasers in her practice that target different areas and achieve different results. One laser reverses sun damage while another focuses on skin tightening and another stimulates collagen, etc.

Dr. Chaudhry believes in eating whole fruits and vegetables, smoothies, grains and making sure they are all natural. For example eating freshly caught salmon vs farm raised will give you better nutrition.

When asked about meditation Dr. Chaudhry said, "One of the things we all lack is breath, oxygen, vitality, life force, so I teach people how to breathe again, how to bring oxygen into their lungs, how to create space in their bodies. Every single day I do process such as breath work and yoga practices and I teach my patients how to start to work with their bodies."

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