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Discusses Muffin Tops, Crows Feet and Sun Spots


To kick off 2010, here are some of the newest aesthetic innovations - CoolSculpting, Fraxel re:store Dual Laser System, and Dysport.

Dr. Anne Chapas of the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York discusses some of the latest and greatest advancements in aesthetics.

Freeze Your Muffin Top Away
Zeltiq is a revolutionary new method of spot fat reduction. Using a combination of suction and two cooling plates, the temperature of the fat cells is dropped to just above freezing. This causes only the fat cells to crystallize and die and they are expelled from the body over time. It takes several weeks to see the results of the procedure, but according to Dr. Chapas, patients are seeing a loss of around 22% of their fat.

The procedure is new and is not currently FDA approved for fat reduction. It is approved for use in dermatologic surgery and hasn't yet shown any significant risks. It is completely pain and surgery free.

Scare Away Crow's Feet
Crow's feet are those wrinkles around the edge of the eyes that are so difficult to handle. Dr. Chapas suggests using the injectable Dysport to help minimize their look.

Dysport is a recently FDA approved neuroblocker that uses the same toxin as Botox - botulinum. While the two are similar, their concentrations and dosages are different. Some patients report that Dysport takes effect sooner than Botox and seems to last longer. Most of the physicians we've spoken to offer Dysport and Botox at the same cost but some say their may be a cost benefit to Dysport if it does indeed last longer.

Clear Off Sun Spots
Fractional resurfacing treatments continue to advance and the Fraxel family of products has introduced a new laser. The Fraxel re:store Dual Laser System offers a quicker treatment and faster recovery with even greater results than previous offerings from Solta Medical.

The Fraxel re:store Dual has added the 1927nm Thalium laser, allowing treatment of areas other than the face. It works very well on improving skin pigmentation, especially those sun spots and age spots we all hate. It can treat a larger area in one session than before which can save you a lot of time.