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Grow thicker, fuller eyelashes

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ELASTILash Facts

  • Promotes growth of thicker, fuller eyelashes
  • Available in aesthetic physician offices without a prescription
  • Made by the popular skin care line Obagi

What is ELASTILash?

ELASTILash is a peptide-based solution designed to encourage the growth of thicker, fuller eyelashes in 4-6 weeks.

How does ELASTILash work?

Users simply apply the solution to their upper eyelash line each evening before bedtime. ELASTILash does not require the wand to be changed with each application. In a recent clinical trial, 70 percent of patients reported having thicker, fuller lashes in as little as four to six weeks.

Latisse is a similar product from Allergan which is available by prescription only. It carries potential side effects which include discoloration of the eyelids and iris. ELASTILash doesn't have these side effects.

ELASTILash Photos of Actual Elastilash Results
Actual Photos of ELASTILash Results

What are the risks of ELASTILash?

Unlike Latisse, ELASTILash is not FDA approved, but it is a hypo-allergenic product. The product has not produced evidence of darkening eyelids or changes in iris pigmentation, and thus may be an ideal option for patients with light eye and skin color.

How much does ELASTILash cost?

ELASTILash retails for $50-$60 in aesthetic physician offices nationwide.

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