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Ultherapy Skin Tightening

Turkey neck, waddle, or double chin, no matter what you call it, that patch of skin from the chin to the neck sags over time, an unfortunate effect of aging. Surgical treatments used to be the only solution, but patients can now see results almost immediately from non-surgical Ultherapy.

Breast Reconstruction With Fat

For many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, a mastectomy is a necessary part of their treatment plan. The loss of one or both breasts is difficult to manage emotionally, and breast reconstruction helps patients to feel whole again and begin the tough task of emotional healing. Previously, breast implants were the only option but now a new system for fat grafting is giving patients the alternative of using their own natural fat for reconstruction.

What to Do About Bra and Underarm Fat

Armpit fat is often the embarrassing downfall of a strapless top. When you have on a cute sleeveless dress or a strapless shirt, the roll of fat just above your armpit can kill an otherwise sexy outfit. Often, the fat is very resistant to diet and exercise and can't be removed on your own. If you've noticed this in your outfits, your cosmetic surgeon can help you get rid of armpit fat.