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BodyTite/RF with Liposuction

Body sculpting is the next level of liposuction technology where physicians are able to not just remove fat, but sculpt their patients' bodies. New technologies are constantly being developed and one of the latest is Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo (RFAL). Recently, we spoke to two physicians who have worked with this impressive new technology.

Getting Rid of Double Chin

Imagine getting rid of the loose skin from under your neck, without the extensive recovery time of surgery. It's now a reality thanks to a combination of SmartLipo and a skin tightening laser device. The Mini Neck Shrink Lift is helping patients see a dramatic improvement without the need for general anesthesia. You can see the procedure performed this Friday on The Doctors.

Who is the Biggest Loser Winner

Season 10 of the popular reality weight loss show The Biggest Loser ended last night and a new weight loss king was crowned. The winner lost 181 pounds to take the $250,000 prize last night. When he arrived at the ranch, the 28 year old weighed 400 lbs and was concerned for his health. Now, Patrick can look forward to a much healthier future for himself and his two sons.