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Jennifer Grey Says Never to Botox


Nobody puts Baby in the corner. And nobody gives her Botox either.

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The current Dancing With the Stars front runner, 50 year old actress Jennifer Grey, says she'll never get Botox The star who famously underwent 2 rhinoplasties in the 90s says that before starting the show, she thought it might be a good idea to get Botox injections to help improve the appearance of wrinkles around her eyes. But her husband's urging against it kept her from the needle.

In this week's issue of Us Weekly, Grey says her husband actor Clark Gregg told her, "not to touch anything, to be who I am, because I look great." Further, she says that aging is a fact of life that needs to be accepted because eternal youth is unattainable. "When my body and face were perfect as far as youth, I wasn't happy. If you try to hold on to something you don't have anymore, you can't be happy in the moment."

Grey is in good company. Teri Hatcher has said that though she's had Botox in the past, she feels that women need to be accepted for their beauty at every age. Kim Kardashian has also sworn off Botox after an apparent allergic reaction to the injection.