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Stop Excessive Sweating Now with These Options


Hyperhidrosis can be a problematic issue, but luckily there are several treatment options available.

Sweating is a natural, and necessary, bodily process., however for some people it can be excessive and embarrassing. The condition is known as hyperhidrosis and those who have it know the troubles of trying to wear long sleeve shirts or anything white. Luckily there are several treatments available to help decrease the amount of sweat for these patients.

botox for sweating on the doctors

There are several medications and special antiperspirants that can be used, but they often carry undesirable, and sometimes serious side effects. Many turn to other treatments not commonly associated with treating sweat.

Botox is most well known as a treatment for wrinkles, but it is also FDA approved as a treatment for hyperhidrosis in the underarm, as described today on The Doctors. though it's often used in other areas such as the forehead and feet. Board Certified dermatologist Dr. Heidi Waldorf of Waldorf Dermatology says her patients find the treatments very helpful. "Particularly for my male patients, using a neurotoxin, usually Botox, for hyperhidrosis of the face, neck and chest is a tremendous boon to them," she says. "They give presentations or they might be musicians, and the sweating makes them either look nervous or unprofessional or perhaps just gets in their way if it gets in their eyes."

Another option are the hi-tech liposuction devices Vaser and SmartLipo. Using ultrasonic waves from the Vaser liposuction system, combined with dual fat melting laser of Smartlipo and manual manipulation, Dr. Michael Escobedo of Escobedo Esthetics in Austin, TX strategically eliminates sweat glands while preserving important tissues. Unlike previous methods, such as medications and Botox, this method provides long term results, while also providing a more natural approach to this problematic condition. The combination of this procedure, along with laser hair removal, also aids in reducing odor, which is caused by bacteria along the hair shaft. "I absolutely love the benefit of our new Smart Laser Hyperhidrosis treatment whereby we use multiple technologies to permanently reduce excessive underarm sweating up to 90 percent."

If you feel that you're sweating an excessive amount, check with your physician to see if a treatment such as Botox or a more permanent solution would be appropriate.