Debunking 5 Common Beauty Myths


You might think you're up to date on your beauty science but if you still believe that shaving makes hair grow back darker, then you've got some learning to do.

Old wives tales are passed down from generation to generation, including beauty myths. From the causes of dark hair to how a pimple forms, bad information runs rampant. Some of these may seem logical but doctors agree that in fact, they are myths. says that these are some of the top false beauty that people believe.

beauty facts

  1. Shaving your legs makes the hair grow back darker and thicker. Hair that has never been cut only grows to a certain point. The hair is thinner and lighter at the tip but thicker and darker at the base. When you cut or shave the hair, you get rid of the tip and the base grows out. It may look darker and thicker than the tip you were able to see, but it actually hasn't changed.

  2. Crossing your legs causes varicose veins. Standing causes varicose veins, sitting doesn't - legs crossed or not. Varicose and spider veins occur from a pooling of the blood that's unable to be pumped back to the heart. Standing for long periods of time and genetic predisposition are the two largest causes of these unsightly veins.

  3. You can make cellulite go away for good. Unfortunately, for many women cellulite is a fact of life. It occurs because fat cells push up against fibrous bands of tissue and occasionally push through resulting in the lumpy appearance. While there are several treatments like Vaser Shape, VelaShape and Reaction by Viora which temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, nothing can make it go away forever.

  4. It's possible to permanently shrink your pores. Much like cellulite, for some, bigger pores are a daily reality. Keeping pores free of stretching debris can help return them to normal size and using skin tightening treatments can help to make them look smaller, but the effect is only temporary.

  5. Waxing your hairs makes fewer grow back. Waxing rips hair out by the roots and over time may cause enough damage to the follicle to kill it, but it would take years of damage. Laser hair removal requires several treatments to permanently reduce hair growth, but it goes a lot quicker than years and is a lot less painful.