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Aging Gracefully on Oprah


Three small screen super stars share their battles with aging, plastic surgery and beauty today on Oprah.

Today on Oprah, actresses Teri Hatcher, Linda Evans, and Cybill Shepherd all share what they've learned about aging. They say they've found that people tend to be disappointed with what they see in real life because the public has gotten so accustomed to seeing the actresses as glossed over cover models, which in reality they are not.

teri hatcher botox
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Just last August, Teri took photos of herself sans makeup, making faces to accentuate her wrinkles and show people that she indeed hasn't had Botox treatments. The photos went viral and were everywhere and she felt that this clearly pointed towards the need for a discussion of what it means to be beautiful. Hatcher didn't intend to take an anti-Botox stand. "I haven't done it in I don't know how long, but quite a while," she told Oprah. "I can make all the fabulous facial features that anyone would want to see."

Cybill Shepherd has been known for her looks. She began modeling at 16 and after having a successful movie and television career she joined the L'Oreal team and starred in makeup commercials at 40. She was secretly agonizing that she was losing the looks that made her famous. Shepherd says she was tormented by the fact that the touched up image on the cover looked nothing like the face staring back from the mirror. After 2 decades of being displeased with her appearance, she found that 60 was a turning point where she stepped back and took stock of what was really important in her life. "Look at everything and find something you can love about your body," she said.

The star of Dynasty, Linda Evans made her way into the homes of millions of Americans. She traveled a tough road through Hollywood and says that at 28 her producer husband John Derek left her for Bo Derek who was only a teenager at the time. That is when she said she felt she wasn't good enough or beautiful enough, even at 28. Through the years she still maintained confidence and in her 50s she said she found the real meaning of beauty. "In a way, you're forced to give up the game," she says. "Anything that is outside of you, you can't control. But you can control inside of you." She underwent plastic surgery at 50 because she wanted to, and not because she felt that she had to, but simply because she wanted to.