Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for September 15, 2010


Today we'll give you all the reasons why you should get rid of soda from your diet altogether, discuss the appearance of Zerona and Zeltiq on Good Morning America (GMA), take a look at the latest in hair removal products and technologies, and talk about what you should have always have in your gym bag. Get healthy, fit and beautiful with American Health and Beauty!

Zerona and Zeltiq on Good Morning America
Yesterday these two non-invasive fat reducing procedures were featured in the Wall Street Journal, today both Zeltiq and Zerona on GMA

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lawrence Bass will be discussing the recently FDA approved fat devices Zerona and Zeltiq this morning on Good Morning America.


Lose Weight with Dr. Oz and the Just 10 Challenge
Dropping 10 lbs can help your health and get you on track for longterm fitness.

Dr. Mehmet Oz kicks off this week on The Dr. Oz Show with the Just 10 Challenge. He says that weight loss can seem impossible when there's so much to lose, but that by losing as few as 10 lbs, we can see significant improvement in several areas of... more

5 Minute Beauty Fixes
These quick at-home treatments get you going with solutions for teeth, hair and skin.

We all want to be beautiful, but it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to devote to beauty sleep and lengthy skin care regimens. If ... more

How to Spot Plastic Surgery Results
Want to know if your friends or coworkers have gone under the knife for common cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures like a facelift or rhinoplasty? Rachael Ray and Dr. Anthony Youn tell you how.

Have you ever wondered about a friend who suddenly looks years younger or a celebrity on the red carpet with beautiful skin? Dr. Anthony Youn visits the set of The Rachael Ray Show and dishes on the best ways to spot the telltale signs of {!cosmetic su... more

Zerona Reviews: A Patient's Experience
Patients all over the country are interested in non-surgical inch loss. One patient from Michigan shares her experience with Zerona, the first FDA approved device for circumferential reduction. This is Emily's Zerona Patient Review

Zerona is a non-invasive device that's used to help patients lose inches in only a couple of weeks. Low level laser technology (LLLT) helps patients lose inches with treatments lasting only 40 minutes per session. Zerona was the first non-invasive ae... more

Ditch the Caffeine - Natural Energy Boosters
Get the energy you need naturally rather than with sugary, caffeinated drinks.

We published this article first thing in the morning to get the message out to those of you reading with a full cup of coffee in your hands. If you're like most caffeine addicts, you probably find that at 2:30 you're ready to fall asleep again and i... more


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