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Tighten Skin with Radio Frequency 3 Ways


These three technologies all use radio frequency but incorporate key differences in the way they function to offer unique treatment options

Tackling loose skin, whether on the face or body, is nearly impossible to do on your own. You can do 1000 crunches, but if it's loose skin you're battling, there's little you can do on your own. It may be time to talk to your aesthetic physician about the options available to tighten up the skin and get you back to your busy schedule right away. Many of the most popular devices today are using radio frequency (RF) to bring about a change in the collagen and improve skin's tightness.


Thermage is one of the hottest skin tightening treatments available. The device uses radio frequency (RF) energy to stimulate collagen growth, which tightens the skin. Dr. Bill Johnson, who offers Thermage in Dallas, TX at Innovations MedSpa, says that over time new collagen grows and adds better structure to the loose skin so that it appears smooth and tight once again. The treatment is quick and patients report few complications and little discomfort, especially with the company's latest version of the device, the Thermage CPT which features an innovative vibrating hand piece for increased patient comfort.

Boca Raton dermatologist Dr. Janee Steinberg offers the Thermage CPT and says, "The new CPT is pretty exciting because it vibrates and it makes a little noise and it distracts the patient from any kind of discomfort that they may have during the procedure. It also enables us to be able to turn the energy up higher to get us faster more effective treatment. So, it's called Comfort Pulse Technology, that's what CPT actually stands for. And I myself have had Thermage done every two years since I've had the machine and the first time I did it, it hurt a bit. The second time was a little easier and now hardly anybody needs to take any kind of sedative for this procedure."

thermage before and after photos
Results of Dr. Bill Johnson 6 Months Post Procedure


Another skin tightening technology is the Reaction by Viora. This device also uses RF but adds the extra benefit of a fully adjustable radio frequency to allow the physician to reach several different levels of the skin for maximum effect. Dr. Matthew Schulman, a Board Certified plastic surgeon in New York and Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine says, "Reaction gives you the ability to change the frequency of the RF energy so you can change the depth of penetration. I know that if I'm trying to tighten the skin, I want to hit that deep dermis."

While there are other RF-based devices available, they don't offer the same options for changing your treatment frequency. "Other systems don't give you that ability to really customize your treatments. In order to go deeper with some of the other systems you have to push harder or you have to turn up the energy and as you increase the energy, you're increasing your chance for burns or other complications," says Dr. Schulman.
skin tightening before and after photos
Post 3 Treatments


This small radio frequency (RF) device from Pelleve greatly reduces the appearance of your wrinkles and only requires a few minutes for treatment. Dubbed "The Wrinkle Wand," physicians and patients are seeing improvement in just two treatments.

What sets Pelleve apart from the other devices is the hand piece. It is much smaller than the majority of RF devices which allows the doctor to really focus on the patient's areas of concern. Many other devices use larger treatment tips so that physicians can treat patients faster, but perhaps without the high degree of precision allowed by a smaller tip. So while Pelleve is great for areas requiring precision, like the face, it isn't appropriate for treating large areas like the stomach.
pelleve on the doctors
Results after two treatments, courtesy of thedoctorstv.com