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New Thermage CPT Provides Outstanding Skin Tightening Results


This is the newest Thermage device on the market which treats loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles with no harsh heat or chemicals and therefore little down time or discomfort

Thermage has been a popular alternative to invasive and surgical skin tightening techniques since its advent. The new Thermage CPT promises to continue the tradition of its predecessor, providing consumers with relatively painless skin tightening and contouring that is both efficient and effective.

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Both Thermage and the new Thermage CPT use radiofrequency technology to stimulate collagen production below the surface of the skin. This method of treatment helps fine lines and wrinkles disappear, but since no harsh heat or chemicals are applied to the outer layer of skin, there is little down time or discomfort.

The new Thermage CPT refines the technology further, adding a new vibrating hand piece to improve comfort and make the procedure more efficient. The new model provides greater energy, increased control for doctors and greater comfort for patients.

Patients can begin to see results in as little as one treatment, and the improvements continue for up to six months as your body continues producing higher levels of collagen, helping achieve tighter, smoother, younger looking skin.

Dr. Rene Cobos, a board certified dermatologist and associate professor of dermatology at UC Irvine, reports that her patients are experience great success with the new Thermage CPT treatments. Cobos reports that "Thermage has always been popular with my patients? now it delivers more energy with greater comfort, patients are seeing better results and are even more satisfied with the overall experience."

Cobos is an award-winning dermatologist with offices in California. She is an expert in age management, acne, rosacea and other skin conditions. Cobos reports that although Thermage CPT is not FDA approved for acne treatment, patients have experienced significant acne clearing within one month of using Thermage CPT.

With minimal pain, almost no down time and a proven history of results, the new Thermage CPT is an exciting new offering in the world of facial rejuvenation.