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Treating the Decolletage Area with FDA Cleared Ultherapy


Ultherapy is the Only FDA Cleared Procedure to Improve Lines and Wrinkles on the Decolletage.

Last year Ultherapy was FDA cleared to non-invasively treat the chest area. Even though there are multiple energy based devices being used to treat wrinkles and lines on other surfaces of the skin, Ultherapy is the only non-invasive procedure specifically cleared to improve the chest area. In addition to treating the chest area, the system was also the only FDA cleared procedure to lift skin on the face, neck, under the chin and on the brow.

In addition to the fact that it's a non-invasive treatment, other benefits are that it's a one time 30 minute procedure and there is no downtime. It also stimulates the body's natural collagen production.

Sonal Patel, PhD is the Medical Director of Radiance Medspa in Wheaton, IL and offers this treatment. Dr. Patel said, "What's exciting about the procedure is that with Ultherapy, you can see the different layers of the skin and can customize the treatments accordingly. Unlike lasers or fillers which are traditionally used to treat wrinkles of the chest, with Ultherapy, there is no downtime or chance of scarring. Anyone who would like to improve the appearance of their chest is a good candidate for this treatment. There are very few exclusionary criteria; however, individuals should be evaluated."

Some patients see results right after treatment but the final results are visable in about three months as the new collagen tightens the skin on the chest. For most patients these results are enjoyed for at least a year. Future touch ups may be needed as the natural aging process occurs.