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Painless Skin Tightening with Reaction by Viora


A new option in aesthetic technology allows physicians to take years off your face and dimples off your thighs.

Reaction by Viora is a new device that offers three key treatments - skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and circumferential reduction. The CORE technology in Reaction by Viora enables it to be completely adjustable so physicians can reach the depths necessary to provide skin contracture and collagen stimulation.

Dr. Sharon Littzi, a dermatologist in Connecticut, has been using Reaction by Viora and is very pleased with her results. We caught up with her at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and asked her about her experience with Reaction. "We are using it primarily for facial skin tightening, neck tightening, but this machine actually has tremendous capabilities," says Dr. Littzi. "We also use it for cellulite reduction and inch reduction, body contouring. So it really has 3 major capabilities which are all very different in the same machine."

Dr. Littzi has tried other procedures to help people reduce the appearance of their cellulite. "We started off using endermologie for cellulite treatments and we've had some success, but nothing like this technology. This technology goes much deeper, and with the addition of the radio frequency, we're really able to achieve fantastic results, better than with endermologie."

"As far as the facial tightening, I have many lasers that we use. We have a Titan laser, Fraxel laser; we have microdermabrasion, we've done chemical peels," says Dr. Littzi. "I pretty much have a full array of a lot of different lasers. What's great about this one is the CORE technology. It's very precise. We're able to get to different levels with the radio frequency, and there's no downtime, and it's pain free.... People love it because there is no pain attached to these treatments, and they can walk out of the office and go back to work."

reaction by viora before and after
Actual Results of Dr. Sharon Littzi using Reaction by Viora

Multiple treatments are needed to achieve the full results, and the number and price of the sessions vary. For patients undergoing facial skin tightening, "I tell patients, depending on their age, they can vary, 2-5 sessions. We usually do those 3-4 weeks apart. This is not the immediate tightening although some can see some immediate results, but usually within 3 weeks we see results, and i think that's fantastic."

One of Dr. Littzi's patients, 60 year old Janet, came by and spoke with us also. We asked Janet about why she decided to undergo skin tightening treatments with Reaction. "I've reached the age now where I've been thinking about a facelift because [in business] I'm competing with much younger people..... Dr. Littzi suggested we try tightening my skin, and i wouldn't have to go under the knife," said Janet.

"What I'm seeing is one of my first early results of skin tightening and also, what I've noticed is her cheeks have elevated a little bit which I'm really pleased about," Dr Littzi said. "The only other way we can do that is through fillers or surgery and if we could naturally stimulate the collagen, to give a lifting of the cheek, I'm very pleased."

"The greatest thing is the versatility of the machine and the reliability of the depth of penetration - without discomfort. So really if you were going to have just one machine in your office, I'd say have this one."
dr littzi
Dr. Sharon Littzi
Board certified dermatologist Dr. Sharon Littzi has been on the cutting edge of dermatology since 1988. After completing her dermatology residency at Harvard, Dr. Littzi was invited to be on the Harvard staff in the dermatology department - where she later organized The Women's Dermatology Unit. A pioneer in the field, the unit was based out of Massachusetts General Hospital and the first cosmetically oriented skin care center for women in Boston. Well versed in both European and American technology and treatments, Dr. Littzi offers her patients over 20 years of dermatological experience at her downtown Connecticut office.