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VASER Shape Contours without Surgery


This new non-surgical ultrasound device delivers energy to disrupt and kill fat cells without damaging the skin.

The latest device for body contouring comes from Sound Surgical Technologies, the same company that makes Vaser, but unlike Vaser, this is non-surgical, Called VASER Shape, this new device offers significant cellulite and circumferential reduction.

vaser shape
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The VASER Shape is an alternative to current non-surgical contouring devices that use laser power, because like the Vaser surgical device, this technology uses ultrasound to affect the fat. Dr. Payman Simoni recently received this new device, and so far is impressed with the results. "My colleagues say the laser non-invasive liposuction has not been very promising. There are also radio frequency types for fat reduction but none of these are permanent. This one which works through ultrasound to permanently reduce fat."

As Dr. Simoni describes, there have been several evolutions in the use of ultrasound to affect fat, and we know now that it disrupts fat cells. "This one, you use ultrasound through the skin. The other types of ultrasound that we have up until now, we have to use a cannula - which is a straw like instrument that we put actually into the fat tissue and we start heating the fat tissue through that hose so it became a surgical procedure."

The VASER Shape is different because it uses two ultrasound heads that are positioned next to each other and the ultrasound energy converges like a V below the surface of the skin. This means there is only half the amount of energy going through the skin as when the two beams combine in the subcutaneous tissue. After the fat has been disrupted, the body begins absorbing it.

Dr. Simoni recommends 5-7 treatments, at about 20-30 minutes each and the treatments occur every 5-7 days. "You will see a result right away," he says. He points out though that at first it's only going to be a few centimeters difference. Also, he says that the speed of the results varies based on the patient. "My experience has been that people who have softer fat see the results faster and people who have a harder fat like men or very young women, the results are a little bit less noticeable and we need to spend more time on each procedure and treat more often."

As with other body contouring devices, surgical and otherwise, this treatment is not for the extremely overweight and is not a weight loss plan. It is rather for those who are in generally good health but cannot get rid of a pocket of fat. "My ideal candidates for this procedure are healthy women or men that are fit and there are areas of the fat excess that is about 2 or 3 inches."

There is no downtime and the procedure doesn't hurt. "It's very comfortable, and it feels like a massage, a warm massage. If somebody has a warm stone massage, that's exactly how it feels. First they come in lie on their bed and this warm message pad goes over that area and right after the person can get up and do anything they want to."

How much does VASER Shape cost? "The procedure costs about $500.00 per treatment, so after it's all said and done it becomes about the same price as liposuction maybe even less." At 5-7 treatments it costs around $2500-$3500 total.