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Tickle Lipo Now Available Nationwide


Doctors and patients all over the country are enjoying the benefits of liposuction with this new heat-free device that disrupts fat without destroying it.

One of the latest advances in liposuction technology that's making a significant impression on both physicians and patients is Tickle Lipo, and it strays from the pack of the newest lipo devices because it doesn't use any lasers or other thermal effect. The trick to Tickle Lipo is the 3-D rotation of the cannula which breaks up fat and also suctions it out at the same time, making it a better option for some patients.

Tickle Lipo is becoming available through a growing number of leading physicians across the country and is named for the slight tickling sensation that some patients report during the procedure. Other lipo technologies like laser lipolysis machines melt the fat first and then the physician has to come back in with a different cannula to suction out the fat, making the procedure take longer. Generally speaking, quicker procedures carry a lower price tag for the patient, making Tickle Lipo more accessible to patients.

tickle lipo before and after photo
CAL Results of Dr. Stephan Houyoux

The patented 3-D or nutational technique provides faster infiltration of the tumescent solution and also interferes with the brain's pain receptors in the same way that scratching relieves an itch. A selection of specialized cannulas used in the Tickle Lipo technique allows the physician to better maneuver through fibrous or harder to reach areas of fat, enabling precise body contouring.

Unlike other liposuction techniques that utilize the heat of laser or ultrasound energy, the surgical cannula used in Tickle Lipo stays cool, eliminating the risk of heat injury to tissue. Tickle Lipo can be used to safely and more effectively remove deeper fat as well as superficial fat, and the physician can also harvest the patient's fat to use in fat transfer procedures.

Here at American Health and Beauty, we've recently added Tickle Lipo to our line up of aesthetic procedures in order to both educate the public about this exciting new alternative and to help interested patients find a Tickle Lipo doctor in their area. If we don't have a physician listed in your area that offers Tickle Lipo, please email us at cindy@ahb.cc for additional information.