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Drew Barrymore Tells "Elle" She Might Get Cosmetic Surgery


Stars are admitting to their cosmetic procedures left and right, or at least admitting they've thought about it.

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Drew Barrymore, one of a handful of child stars to find success in Hollywood as an adult, recently told Elle magazine that she's keeping her options open when it comes to plastic surgery. According to usweekly.com, the 35 year old says, "I don't want to be vain or fearful, and I don't think I'll do anything, but if I want to do something, I will. From my perspective, there's no reason to be afraid of aging, because if you age, you're lucky! The alternative is death."

The star joins a group of other actresses who have been revealing that they may be considering work in the future. Cindy Crawford recently admitted to having Botox done and has said that she may have more work done in the future. Kim Kardashian has also admitted to Botox and though rumors are flying about breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, Kim isn't admitting to anything but the Botox.