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Fraxel, Thermage, and Isolaz Tomorrow on "Today"


Tune in tomorrow morning to learn about the hottest devices for skin tightening, acne treatment, and fractional resurfacing.

The Solta Medical family of products will be featured tomorrow morning at 8:30am on NBC's The Today Show. These three devices offer extraordinary results and treat several different areas of concern for a full body makeover.

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  • Thermage skin tightening device is recognized worldwide as one of the leading treatments for sagging and loose skin. This machine uses radio frequency energy to affect the skin's collagen. Boca Raton dermatologist Dr. Janee Steinberg uses the latest device in Thermage - the Thermage CPT and says, "The new CPT is pretty exciting because it vibrates and it makes a little noise and it distracts the patient from any kind of discomfort that they may have during the procedure. It also enables us to be able to turn the energy up higher to get us faster more effective treatment. So, it's called Comfort Pulse Technology, that's what CPT actually stands for. And I myself have had Thermage done every two years since I've had the machine and the first time I did it, it hurt a bit. The second time was a little easier and now hardly anybody needs to take any kind of sedative for this procedure."

  • Isolaz acne treatment uses gentle suction combined with laser therapy to clear pores without pain and kill the bacteria that cause acne. The device is FDA approved for the treatment of both comedonal and postular acne and patients really love their results. The vacuum pulls the pores closer to the light source so that the patient receives a targeted treatment and can see an immediate improvement. Pimples are visibly reduced within one to two days and the amount of oil produced by the skin is reduced after just one treatment.

  • Fraxel fractional CO2 resurfacing device is the gold standard of laser skin treatments. There are several lasers in the Fraxel family, the most recent being the Fraxel re:store Dual. Dr. Heidi Waldorf, a dermatologist in New York says, "What's very exciting to me is I've been using the Fraxel re:store for quite some time, and what the Dual adds is an extra layer of efficacy without adding a lot of downtime. And for my patients, they're busy people who have busy lives, socially and work wise and they can't take a lot of downtime." The added benefit of the new wavelength is seen right away. "With the Fraxel re:store, you saw improvement in lines, you saw improvement in texture which increased over multiple treatments... for most patients - to improve pigmentation for example - 2 to 4 treatments to have a significant benefit. With the addition of the other wavelength for the Dual to the traditional re:store wavelengths, you add that extra surface improvement. The patients will have some bronzing afterward, like they would get with a peel, but then by a week their skin is not only tighter, but it's a lot smoother and the pigmentation issues are improved, all in one treatment."
Check out The Today Show tomorrow morning for more details on these exciting treatments from Solta Medical.