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Fraxel Dual Treats Cosmetic Sun Damage and Actinic Keratoses


Fractional resurfacing treatments can improve the appearance of sun damage and remove pre-cancerous skin cells.

Sun damage is a common problem for anyone over 35 and it can be a cosmetic issue, or a medical one or both in some cases. Sun exposure causes skin cancer as well as discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles. Featured today on Dr. Oz, the Fraxel re:store Dual fractional resurfacing laser is able to treat both of these skin problems.

fraxel skin laser
Results 1 week following treatment.
Image courtesy of DoctorOz.com

Fraxel from Solta Medical is a well known name in the aesthetics industry and is regarded by many as the 'gold standard' of care when it comes to fractional resurfacing devices. The Dual laser adds to the original with another wavelength of light that gives physicians more options and control in the treatment. Dr. Mathew Avram, Director of Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital tells Dr. Oz that he chose this laser out of dozens to treat a patient because it's able to treat both the cosmetic sun damage and pre-cancerous cells known as actinic keratoses (AK).

Actinic keratoses (AK) a clinical study found that treatment with the new Fraxel re:store DUAL laser resolved 86% of AK lesions. Additionally, there was great improvement in pigmentation and skin texture after the Fraxel procedure. Physicians in the study applauded Fraxel's ability to treat AK as well as improve skin quality, tone and texture in just one treatment.

Fractional resurfacing works by sending millions of tiny holes into the skin. These holes can go down to a millimeter or so, but they're very narrow. Each of these narrow columns of damage are surrounded by healthy skin so that the skin heals quickly. Patients are able to return to work within a day or so and can start being social again in a few days.

Fraxel re:pair Dual is the Solta Dual Laser described on the Dr. Oz Show.