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New At-Home Anti-Aging Device Shown to Reduce Wrinkles


The STOP device allows patients to tighten skin without leaving their homes.

PLEASE NOTE: While this device is available in most European and South American countries, it is not available for shipping to the US or Canada.

at home skin tightening
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In a new study, the STOP device which uses TriPollar radiofrequency (RF) technology to increase collagen remodeling has been shown to increase dermal collagen by more than 40%. Conducted in Paris, the clinical study is published in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment and evaluates the anti-aging effect of this device on skin.

The medical researchers used in vitro human skin samples that were collected in order to evaluate the anti-aging effect of a home-use device for facial treatments on an ex vivo human skin model. Skin tightening was evaluated and showed significant collagen remodeling following treatment with the TriPollar STOP device in the superficial and mid-deep dermis. Measurement of new collagen showed an increase of 41% in the treated samples as compared to UV-aged control samples. Dr. Sylvie Boisnic, one of the physicians who wrote the article, concluded "the new TriPollar STOP home-use device has been demonstrated to affect significant collagen remodeling on treated skin samples. Results were most prominent on the superficial to mid-dermis, where collagen depletion due to aging and photodamage presents the appearance of rhytids and wrinkles."

Patients are to use the device for 15 minutes twice a week and should see the effects after 4-6 weeks. The device focuses four low power beams deep into the dermis; much like a laser lens focuses its light. This electrical energy is delivered to the dermis, stimulating collagen fibers, thickening the dermis and evening out wrinkles for smoother skin.

Source: Ultragen, LTD