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Super SmartLipo: Minimally Invasive Meets Results


Lasers and radiofrequency energy combine in this procedure to remove fat and tighten skin.

Laser lipo has been continually stepping up the competition since Cynosure's SmartLipo received FDA approval in 2006. Now available is the SmartLipo MPX machine which offers multiple wavelengths for optimal fat melting prior to removal. Similarly, skin tightening procedures have become effective enough to hold off surgery for several more years in some cases. Syneron's Refirme device uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten skin improve contours.

As recently featured on Fox's Good Day LA, Newport Beach, CA cosmetic surgeon Dr. Thomas Barnes has developed the Super SmartLipo procedure that combines both of these technologies to offer an amazing result without the downtime of traditional procedures. "My new 'Super SmartLipo' is a gargantuan jump from any previous version of lipo contouring," says Dr. Barnes. "It's much faster than any of its predecessors, allowing me to do face or body fat contouring in about 30 minutes and adding Refirme skin tightening causes additional skin firming beyond the tightening due to SmartLipo. Together they are less invasive, result in minimal downtime, and result in immediate contouring and skin tightening."

super smart lipo in california
Actual results of Dr. Thomas Barnes Super SmartLipo in Less Than 1 Hour

Dr. Barnes uses Super SmartLipo on multiple body areas by first melting the fat with the SmartLipoMPX device through a tiny laser fiber inserted into the fatty tissue. After he has affected the appropriate amount of fat, he suctions that fat out providing a beautiful contour. The laser does bring about some skin contraction as it heats the collagen in the skin, but to generate more dramatic skin tightening, Dr. Barnes then uses his Refirme device to bring about more skin tightening over the surface of the overlying skin.

This procedure is relatively inexpensive at around $3000 and many patients are able to return to work as soon as the next day. There is no anesthesia nor significant skin cutting involved so risk is minimized as well as recovery time. According to Dr. Barnes, "This is what people want today ? Awake procedures that work with both their schedules AND budget. This cutting-edge technique to getting big results with a minimally invasive approach offers significant and fast results. There is much less swelling and much less discomfort."