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Wanting The Natural Look After Cosmetic Surgery is Nothing New


In a recent "Today Show" piece, movers and shakers in Hollywood said that they're looking for more natural looking actresses.

Just this morning, The Today Show featured a story about a movement in Hollywood towards natural beauty. Producers and casting directors are making it clear that they don't want fake looking actresses, but rather prefer a less 'cookie cutter' aesthetic. Some are even branching out to hiring actresses from outside of Los Angeles, and even outside of the US as they search for a distinctive face.

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The casting directors interviewed for the segment were quick to point out though that it's okay if you have cosmetic surgery, they just shouldn't be able to tell. "My patients have said for years that they specifically don't want to look plastic," says Denver plastic surgeon Dr. David Broadway. "I had a patient this morning who is looking for facial rejuvenation and she told me she doesn't want the wind blown look and doesn't want to appear years younger, she just wants to look good for the age she's at now."

It's easy to think that a 'fixed' look is what's hot when stars like Heidi Montag step out with DDD breasts on a tiny frame. Dr. Broadway points to size as one of the five key components in making a breast implant surgery appear natural. "First, gel implants generally look and feel more natural than saline. Second, I almost always prefer to place the implant beneath the muscle, and [third] the implant should be smooth rather than textured. Fourth, a low profile implant as opposed to a moderate or high profile one helps acheive a more natural contour. Finally - size. Don't go so big. Sometimes patients bend to pressure from friends or their significant other to go larger than they might be comfortable with, but if the implants are too large on a small frame, they won't look natural."

Another way to ensure a natural result is to seek out less drastic procedures. Many women have been trending towards choosing less invasive, and also less expensive procedures for some time, especially since the economy took a turn for the worse. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) conducted a study with Dermik Laboratories, a business of sanofi-aventis US, LLC and found that women are largely turning to injectables rather than surgical treatments. The survey showed that 92% of women considering facial plastic surgery preferred an injectable that treats wrinkles, lines and folds and provides gradual results which will last as much as two years over the 8% who wanted immediate results that last for only 1 year. Sculptra is a long lasting filler that has been shown to last as much as 2 years. The changes from SculptraAesthetic take some time to see, but it is a more subtle, gradual improvement rather than other treatments.

In another study conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) confirms that women prefer a gradual effect over a sudden change. 89% said they would rather have gradual results that could last as long as two years over immediate results lasting six months. Additionally, 75% of women said they'd choose a gradual improvement that lasts 2 years while 25% would take immediate results if they lasted one year rather than six months.

"It's important to listen to your patient," says Dr. Broadway. "My patients let me know what results they want and I advise them what course of treatment will best provide them with the final result they desire. It's about finding a balance."