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Heidi Montag Undergoes 10 Plastic Surgeries, Raises Questions about Addiction


Heidi says the pressures of Hollywood prompted her to undergo a marathon 10 procedures in one day.

Heidi Montag first became famous as a reality star on MTV's The Hills and later became infamous and given several less than kind nicknames and descriptions. She has recently come under scrutiny again as she announced on the cover of People magazine that she underwent 10 separate cosmetic procedures in November, and is now revealing her new look.

heidi montag plastic surgery

Heidi underwent 10 procedures in one day:

  1. Mini Browlift
  2. Botox for forehead and frown area
  3. Nose job revision
  4. Fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial fold, and lips
  5. Chin reduction
  6. Liposuction on neck
  7. Ear surgery
  8. Breast augmentation revision
  9. Liposuction on waist, hips, inner & outer thighs
  10. Buttock augmentation

She has now hit the interview circuit and spoke with Juju Chang of Good Morning America about her decision to undergo surgery. She said that she was teased as a child and called names referencing her looks and that she wanted to have these procedures done to make herself feel beautiful. In an interview with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush, she claims that she came close to dying after surgery because she had "too much demerol, like Michael Jackson" and her security guard noticed her respiration had gotten low and had to alert nurses at the after care facility where she recovered following surgery.

While combining cosmetic procedures a single day is not uncommon, this does seem like quite a few procedures for just one day. Heidi's surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan, says that he does not consider this to be a lot of surgery and that further, he is adamant that he has not done anything wrong, morally or medically.

Heidi also defends her choice saying that she was teased about her looks and that entertainment blogs made fun of her chin, saying it looked like Jay Leno's. She says in the interview with GMA that she is not addicted to plastic surgery, however in the article with People magazine, she says that she was "beyond obsessed" with having work done.

Heidi's interview with GMA's Juju Chang aired yesterday, January 19, and the remainder of the interview will air later this week on Nightline.