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Mackenzie Phillips Undergoes Makeover, Talks to Good Morning America


After years struggling with addiction, one former teen star is making changes - inside and out.

Mackenzie Phillips was born into rock royalty as the daughter of The Mamas and the Papas front man John Phillips. She enjoyed early success in acting but fell into the trap of addiction and struggled for years. She revealed in her 2009 book High on Arrival that she was the victim of an incestuous relationship with her father that began when she was 18 and continued for 10 years. She discussed the book and her life with Oprah Winfrey in September of '09 and was met with a mixture of criticism and praise from those who believed that she was either lying or courageous.

mackenzie phillips in touch

Today, Phillips appears on Good Morning America and talks with Juju Chang about the changes she's made inside and out since her revelation. She has had $50,000 of cosmetic work done which includes 36 hours of dental work. Though she made no mention of any plastic surgery, she did share that she's had Botox injections as well as injections of Restylane, a facial filler. She also had some laser work done and though we don't know exactly what laser treatment she had, it was most likely fractional resurfacing with a technology such as Fraxel or ActiveFX.

Injectables and laser resurfacing procedures are a great non-surgical alternative that provide significant results. Though these procedures will not provide the drastic changes that surgery can, they do bring about a noticeable yet subtle change without the downtime and scarring often associated with surgical procedures.

See Mackenzie's photos and details of her makeover in the March 20 edition of In Touch magazine.