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Watch Your Spider Veins Disappear with VeinWave


The VeinWave treatment is a new way to treat spider veins without pain or downtime.

Spider veins can be embarrassing and sometimes even painful issue that occurs when the blood flow between larger and smaller veins is disrupted, causing a build up of blood in the smaller veins. They are a common issue, affecting men and women of all age groups. Though they usually are not serious, many want to hide away their legs from the world because of embarrassment from their spider veins.

Veinwave(TM) is a product new to the US. It is FDA approved, and known to be safe and virtually pain free. A very small needle is injected just below the skin, right near the spider vein and sends heat energy via an ultrasonic pulse, causing the blood cells inside to coagulate and disappear almost immediately.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin, a cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles, stopped by the set of The Doctors recently to discuss the Veinwave procedure. "It's so precise, that spider vein is shut down. It goes away permanently and instantly so you can see it go, and there's not a lot of collateral damage, so you don't get the swelling, you don't get the bruising, you don't even get the pain. We don't have to use numbing cream for this."

Some patients may experience some slight redness at the treatment site which typically only lasts for a couple of days. There are little scars where the veins used to be, but those should clear up within about two weeks. One treatment is all that's needed, however, though the treated veins won't return, new veins may still pop up, so more visits may be necessary to clear those up.

veinwave before and after photos
Before and After VeinWave, Courtesy of www.thedoctorstv.com