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The Biggest Loser Talks about Weight Loss and Removing Excess Skin


There's no question, weight loss is hard to do. The dirty little secret that no one shares is that even once you lose the weight, you will probably have some excess skin to remove. Danny Cahill talks with "The Doctors" today about losing the weight and the skin left behind.

Danny Cahill stunned the world last year when he lost 239 pounds and won the title of Biggest Loser. It was the largest weight loss in the show's history and accounted for a full 55.58% of his initial weight. Today, Danny talks to The Doctors about his weight loss and the excess skin that is often leftover.

danny cahill on the doctors
Biggest Loser Danny Cahill shows the excess
skin from his weight loss on The Doctors

When Danny started out on The Biggest Loser he shared his story and admitted that when he was home, he and his wife would eat while watching the show. He worked very diligently on the show, exercising and watching his calories, and then carried those habits home with him. When he returned, he stepped onto the scales and shocked the world with his incredible weight loss.

As often happens after losing a lot of weight, Danny has excess skin that hangs from his stomach. Dr. Drew Ordon explains on that while Danny is able to get some skin contraction, all of that excess will not go away no matter how hard Danny tries. The only way to remove the skin is with surgery, which The Doctors offer to do for Danny.

Michigan SmartLipo Surgeon, Dr. Robert Burke of the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery has found that SmartLipo laser lipo technology can be helpful in jumpstarting an exercise and weight loss program. His office performs about 100 SmartLipo procedures per month and they're getting amazing results. Dr. Burke says, "it's a team effort on the part of the patient. I have to have somebody that's well motivated, that wants to take good care of themselves, and watch their diet, get the exercise, and do the things that they need to do."
tummy tuck alternative
Tummy Tuck Alternative, SmartLipo Results of Dr. Robert Burke

Dr. Burke says he has patients who are coming to him and using SmartLipo as a part of their diet regimen. These patients have explored the option of using SmartLipo vs gastric bypass and want to avoid the risks. The laser lipo procedure first is a motivator but it can also change their metabolism. Patients are able to return to work after just a couple of days, even with a large volume reduction, while if they'd had bariatric surgery, they could expect to be out of work for a month. "I've got my own 'Biggest Loser' with one patient who's lost 90 lbs."

For those who go a more traditional weight loss route, tummy tuck is a great tool. The physician makes an incision low, below the waistline, and cuts away the extra skin. Other lift procedures are available as well for the other areas of the body that are unable to contract after the fat is gone. Arm lift, or brachioplasty, removes excess skin from the upper arms, and thigh lift removes skin from the thighs.