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SmartLipo Triplex to Be Featured Saturday on CBS' The Early Show


A new member to the laser lipolysis field, the SmartLipo Triplex, offers greater fat reduction and skin tightening.

SmartLipo revolutionized liposuction and rose to become the gold standard of laser lipolysis. Using thermal energy, the tissue selective laser melts the fat before it is aspirated allowing for easier patient recovery and greater sculpting control for the physician. Patients have much less downtime than with traditional liposuction and typically avoid the compression garments and uncomfortable drainage tubes.

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The SmartLipo Triplex Laser was recently released and is an improvement upon the SmartLipo MPX series. The Triplex adds another benefit to the original SmartLipo system with an additional wavelength. It is the first laser lipolysis technology that uses three wavelengths which are well absorbed by fat. SmartLipo Triplex adds a 1440 nm wavelength to the MPX generation of the laser. The three wavelengths are combined in one laser output. Two wavelengths fire sequentially, liquefying the fat and tightening the skin with collagen stimulation.

The 1064 and 1440 wavelengths combine for fat liquefaction and the 1064 and 1320 wavelengths combine for collagen stimulation and blood vessel coagulation. This combination provides both fat reduction and skin tightening so that patients can often avoid additional procedures to remove the loose skin people often experience after liposuction.

Smartlipo Triplex is also equipped with a feature known as ThermaGuide which constantly measures the temperature under the skin and controls the output of energy, ensuring that the treatment area stays within a safe range so that it is hot enough to work efficiently, but not so hot as to cause the patient harm.

Dr. Anthony Youn of Youn Plastic Surgery in Troy, MI will be speaking with the members of the CBS Early Show team tomorrow to discuss SmartLipo Triplex - the newest addition to the Cynosure laser team.