Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for November 23, 2009


Thanksgiving Monday - Housewives, Facelifts, and Breast Augmentations - Oh My!

breasts in dark red braNatural Breast Augmentation is a new option for those looking to add curves to their breast and remove curves from their thighs. Doctors often choose Vaser or {!Body-Jet} as these are the best methods for preserving the quality of the fat to be used in the breast.

woman at beachA woman no longer has to suffer in silence when she is dissatisfied with the appearance of her vagina. New vaginal rejuvenation procedures are available to help correct several of the issues women face.

real housewives of orange county before and afterLynne Curtin of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County" recently revealed the results of her facelift. The show featured the consultation she and her daughter Alexa had with surgeon Dr. Milind Ambe prior to her surgery.


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  2. BOTOX
  3. SmartLipo
  4. Fractional Resurfacing
  5. Thermage