Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for October 21, 2009


What's hot in our world this Wednesday?

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  • The number one article for today was all about actress Andie MacDowell and her recent embarrassment at being nude as she steps out of her traditional roles and into one of a self-centered sex addict.

  • Next up - the Laser Bra. This new technology in breast reduction uses the excess tissue to support the new, smaller breast. The support gives the patient a fuller, perkier result.

  • Carrie Prejean was in the news today as she and K2 Productions are duking it out in civil court over her breast augmentation. She says they violated her privacy by revealing that she had implants, they say she never paid for them.

  • Dr. Drew Ordon visited the Rachael Ray Show to discuss the three things that reveal your age: earlobes, hands, and cankles.

  • "The Dr. Oz Show" featured Dr. Amy Wechsler who has a new book called "The Mind-Beauty Connection" which promises results in 9 days.

  • Andie MacDowell Embarrassed in Nude Role
  • Carrie Prejean's Breast Implants the Center of a California Legal Battle
  • What is a "Laser Bra"?
  • Treating Your Age Spots With Fraxel
  • Dr Ordon tells Rachael Ray the "Three Body Parts that Age You"

  • Breast Reduction
  • Fractional Resurfacing
  • Breast Augmentation