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Water Jet Liposuction Demonstrated on Los Angeles Channel 2 News


Dr. Jeffrey Caruth demonstrates the new "Body Jet" Procedure which is water assisted liposuction

CBS Channel 2 in Los Angeles is airing a story about the new body-jet water assisted liposuction procedure.

During the procedure a thin, fan-shaped, water jet is channeled into the fat tissue. Suction removes the fat cells simultaneously which reduces the trauma generally associated with traditional liposuction.

According to doctors and patients, there's less pain and a shorter recovery time. "Water-jet assisted liposuction also provides the ability to harvest fat for immediate transfer without the lengthy processing usually required," according to a company spokesman.

LA Channel 2 referred to this procedure as Water-Jet Liposuction.

The body jet is new to the market and is being presented at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery annual scientific meeting in Phoenix this weekend, January 15-18, 2009. The body-jet is receiving positive interest and attention from cosmetic surgeons who have seen the demonstrations.

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