Laser Lipolysis, New Liposuction Alternative

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What is AccuSculpt?

AccuSculpt from Lutronic is a laser assisted lipolysis system is the first to use the 1444nm wavelength for accurate sculpting and fat removal.

How does AccuSculpt work?

Using a laser fiber inserted under the skin, the physician first melts the fat to be removed then suctions it out. Melted fat is easier to suction out than solid fat, enabling quicker recovery for the patient. Dr. Daniel Man states, "It targets fat cells more precisely producing less scattering and less collateral heat to surrounding tissues. Patients love the results and they recover faster."

It is safe to use on all areas of the body, including the abdomen, flank, buttocks, knees, inner thighs and has also been used in the reduction of male gynecomastia. Recovery time is very short, just a few days as opposed to the week or more needed for traditional liposuction.

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